Stockholm University going digital

on 9th Oct 2014

Universities are often a juxtaposition of the new and the old, the traditional and the groundbreaking. Tweedy grey-bearded professors working alongside tech-savvy hipsters. Ivy-covered walls leading to glass and steel additions. But one area where a 21st century university can’t be traditional is its technology. That’s why Stockholm University turned to AKG when it was time to upgrade the technology in its lecture halls.

The university’s 12 halls, ranging in seating capacity from 130 to 586, had long used an outdated analog wireless microphone system. And while traditional can often be quaint and charming, there’s nothing quaint about a microphone system that’s unreliable and barely intelligible. The answer was an AKG DMS 700 V2 digital wireless microphone system.

“The Stockholm University Support and Maintenance Department laid out the challenges clearly from the beginning: a future-proof, simple-to-use and logistically sound solution was vital to the university,” explains Stefan Eriksson, sales manager for Atea Audio Visuell Kommunication (AVK), which installed the system. “With the AKG DMS 700 V2, we were able to provide the complete solution and the encryption possibilities added even more value, securing the wireless transmission within the halls.”

From an antiquated analog system the university went to 48 channels of DMS700 V2 digital wireless technology, networked through HARMAN Professional’s HiQnet System Architect™. For lectures, professors now clip on a DPT700 V2 body pack, while receptionists and others throughout the university are equipped with DHT700 V2 handheld wireless transmitters.

“The lecturers adapted quickly and easily to their new digital world,” says Eriksson. “Any inherent fears of adapting to the new technology were quickly resolved and the school year has proceeded with little to no technical issues.”

So while tradition might still command a lot of respect at Stockholm University, it’s innovation that matters when it comes to ensuring that staff has all the tools necessary to provide their students with the best education possible.


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