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When Billy Idol’s punk group Generation X disbanded in the early ’80s, the British rocker relocated to New York in hopes of building a solo career. It was there that he crossed paths with Brooklyn-born guitarist Steve Stevens. Apparently, there was chemistry there – some 30 years later they’re still performing together, with Steve relying on the AKG DSR700 V2 wireless system for their live shows.

Combining Idol’s punk with Steve’s hard rock guitar and glam rock image worked. Idol became one of MTV’s earliest stars, with Steve’s innovative guitar a driving force behind Idol’s blockbuster albums – 1982’s Billy Idol and 1983’s Rebel Yell. The two parted ways for a time, and Steve remained one of rock’s most sought after guitarists, recording with Michael Jackson and Robert Palmer, among others, playing on the soundtrack for the movie Top Gun, and earning a GRAMMY for his performance on “Top Gun Anthem”.

Solo ventures included two bands of his own, Atomic Playboys and later, with ex-Hanoi Rock singer Michael Monroe, Jerusalem Slim. A collaboration with ex-Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil resulted in 1993’s Exposed, and the pair opened for that summer’s Van Halen tour.

Later, an appearance alongside Idol on VH1’s Storytellers brought the two back together, and Idol released Devil’s Playground in 2005 with Steve on guitar. But always eager to exercise his creative spirit, Steve made time for other projects, including another solo release, Flamenco A Go-Go, and a collaboration with Ben Watkins of Juno Reactor that resulted in Pistolero, chosen by director Robert Rodriguez for his film Once Upon A Time In Mexico. Since then, compositions by the two have been used in several major motion pictures.

But even as he pursues a mix of solo projects and creative collaborations, Steve continues to hit the road with long-time partner Idol, with the AKG DSR700 V2 wireless system to provide support. The DSR700 V2 is a two-channel receiver that offers an ultra-wide bandwidth of up to 155MHz for reliable operation with great flexibility. It provides fast and intuitive system setup, then finds interference-free channels and synchronizes the corresponding setup data to the transmitter via infrared.

Steve credits the AKG wireless system for his fat-sounding guitar and is thrilled at the lack of dropouts. “It’s absolutely night and day,” he said, comparing the AKG system to others. “I’m still shocked at how much of a difference the DRS700 V2 wireless system makes to our tone.”

It’s a difference Steve has come to count on and will continue to rely on as he prepares for his next Billy Idol road tour.


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