Steaming Satellites - How Dare You!

presented by They shoot music and AKG

on 11th April 2014

It was about time for us to do a series of stories on Austrian bands, so the invitation from the collective “They shoot music” to attend filming sessions for Vienna's Popfest came in the nick of time. Austria's pop music scene has been thriving (again) since about 2005, with lots of new bands, record labels and events all inspiring each other. Though it is arguably only one scene, the approaches to making music are refreshingly diverse.

In this episode of Popfest, Salzburg-based Steaming Satellites make a trip to Vienna to do an impressive and soul performance of their song, "How Dare You!" on the roof of the magnificent baroque church, Karlskirche.


ABOUT They shoot music

They Shoot Music Don’t They is a collective of pop culture enthusiasts, film makers and photographers. We film unique offstage performances of bands we like in unusual – mostly urban – settings. The stripped-down sessions feature internationally acclaimed as well as local bands, are unannounced, spontaneous and can take place literally anywhere. Our aim is to capture an intimate musical moment and a snapshot of the everyday life of people and places. We started exploring our home base Vienna by means of music videos in late 2007 and have since then released sessions, including videos, photos, location info and maps.


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