Sounds Like Tim Exile

presented by Red Bull Music Academy and AKG

Posted by Philipp on 21st Nov 2013

While other kids were merely listening to music, Tim Exile was already playing an instrument. At age 12 he took up the violin, and later, after years of experimentation with electronic music, put out his first drum and bass release in 1999. Since then, Tim Exile has been unstoppable as a producer and DJ, rooted in genres like break core, gabber and drum and bass. In the web series "Sounds Like…," a partnership between the Red Bull Music Academy and AKG, viewers are brought into a world of extreme noise, surreal collage and outside pop – and a very unique look at Music Version 2.0. Working with found sounds like that of machinery, burning fires and stationary structures, Tim creates his own "instruments" with the help of his sampler. Finding music in all aspects of life – including the imperfections in it – runs like a golden thread throughout his career. In his episode of "Sounds Like…," for instance, we see him Grammy® award-winning singer/songwriter Imogen Heap performing in a unique musical language. To get that dialect across, Tim relies on AKG.

For vocals and other "live" sound capturing, Tim uses AKG's D7 dynamic vocal microphone. Its Varimotion diaphragm provides a nuanced and open sound through a wide frequency range, while the D7's integrated hum cancellation coil offers extraordinarily clean and crisp sounds. Its mechano-pneumatic suspension helps the D7 mic effectively eliminate unwanted handling noise, and its precision metal dust filter provides the diaphragm with protection from the elements for an extra long life. Exile's preferred wireless mic system is AKG's WMS4500, which is well-known for having up to 70 simultaneous channels, maximum reliability, and easy setup. Whether on tour or in large installations, the WMS4500 achieves supreme audio quality. A HiQnet network remote control allows frequency coordination and monitors via System Architekt software (for PC computers), Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod, or via Soundcraft Vi consoles. Tim's assortment of AKG gear is rounded out by a pair of K271 MKII headphones, which are universally acclaimed for their genius at monitoring, mixing (live or in studio), and mastering. The sealed design and advanced closed-technology ensure minimal signal bleed, maximum isolation, and the best possible sound reproduction. Additionally, the K271 MKII's auto-mute switch engages as the headphones are taken off. That being said, though, his AKG gear allows Tim Exile to really create some noise!

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