Sounds Like Elektro Guzzi

presented by Red Bull Music Academy and AKG

Posted by Alyssa on 2nd Dec 2013

In 2010, after five years of preparation, Vienna-based techno group Elektro Guzzi released their debut album via Berlin's Macro label. Jakob Schneidewind, Bernhard Breuer and Bernhard Hammer got together in Vienna in 2004 and have since become stars of the techno scene. Their mix of avant-metal drummer, experimental guitarist, and a Red Bull Music Academy graduate on bass is part of what makes their fusion of the propulsive power of techno and the energy of live performance so successful. In this episode of the web series "Sounds Like...," produced in a partnership between RBMA and AKG, Elektro Guzzi work on capturing their unique onstage energy and live performance vibe in the studio. The group's now put out three albums and a handful of EPs, an impressive discography showcasing their approach to cathartic club rhythms. To help them turn their ideas into so many mind blowing releases, Elektro Guzzi rely on audio gear from AKG.

Their first choice in headphones? AKG's K712 PRO studio headphones, with over-ear design for maximum comfort and sophisticated open air technology for that spacious sound. Carefully selected transducers provide consistent and accurate instrument or vocal localization, as well as improved low end performance of up to 3dB. No wonder the K712 PRO is a master of sound –they're designed for precision listening, mixing, and mastering.

For similar reasons, Elektro Guzzi chooses AKG mics. The D12 VR large diaphragm dynamic microphone has a cardioid polar pattern that rejects overspill from nearby instruments, delivers a warm and powerful sound even at high signal levels, and is great for bass drums both live and in the studio. Its patented switchable active filter has three preset sound shapes that match any drum's character. AKG's D40, a dynamic instrument mic, is well suited for live drums, percussion, wind instruments and guitar amps. Its dual-thickness Varimotion diaphragm has a wide frequency range and can handle sound pressure levels of up to 156dB. For live performances, the integrated stand adaptor and external bracket make it easy to mount on drums as well as mic stands. Another great microphone for live performance is AKG's C451 B, a small diaphragm condenser mic for drums, percussion, acoustic guitars and strings. The transformerless preamp and surface mount technology provide extremely low distortion, light weight and high reliability. A legendary microphone, the C451 B rounds out the selection of AKG equipment that Elektro Guzzi counts on in their quest to rock the world.

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