Sounds Like BadBadNotGood with Bootsy Collins

presented by Red Bull Music Academy and AKG

Posted by Philipp on 7th Nov 2013

Post bop. Instrumental hip hop. Jazz. Electronica. Don't know what these are? If you Googled them you might just come up with BadBadNotGood, the genre-mixing sensation from Toronto, Ontario. The trio, comprised of Matthew Tavares (keys), Chester Hansen (bass) and Alexander Sowinski (drums), have received a few million YouTube clicks and are currently Canada's most talked-about export. 

Formed in 2010, BBNG are known for their experiementation and interpretation of tracks from as disparate sources as Gucci Wane, Wacka Flocka Flame, Kanye West, My Bloody Valentine and A Tribe Called Quest, and collaborations with Tyler The Creator and Frank Ocean. Their breakthrough gig happened in the Summer of 2013 with their appearance at the Red Bull Music Academy's stage at Russia's Stereoleto Festival, which was filmed for AKG's "Sounds Like" web series. Naturally, the microphones of choice were AKG.

AKG's D12 VR large diapgragm dynamic mic was the perfect choice BBNG drummer Sowinski's kick drum (and is great for live and studio use). Its thin diaphragm enhances low frequencies, and the three active filter present help match the mic to just about any instrument's sound characteristics. Even when being used in passive (power-free) mode, the D12 VR is a very natural sounding microphone. Meanwhile, AKG's D40 dynamic instrument mic is perfect for on stage use. Its small, all-metal body helps it stand up to performance after performance, and its wire-mesh cap protects a transducer that can take extremely high sound pressure levels. The D40 also features an integrated stand adapter and H440 mounting bracket, allowing the mic to be installed on most drum and percussion instruments. 

Another AKG microphone featured that day is the Perception P820 Tube, a multipattern tube condensor mic which is a star with brass instruments, guitar and drums. The Perception P820 Tube has a dual one-inch diapgragm capsule and advanced ECC83 dual-triode circuitry for delivering rich, smooth, three-dimensional sound. Switchable bass-cut filter and attenuation pad are also part of the P820 Tube package. To monitor all of BBNG's performance, AKG's K271 MKII headphones, for live and studio use, allow the best possible sound reproduction. A switch in the headband mutes the audio when the headphones are taken off, though the K271 MKII allows for maximum wearing comfort during long sessions. Their sealed design keeps unwanted outside noise from the user's ears. All in all, these headphones make for same day – as well as next day – mixing that is beyond rewarding.

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