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Feeling the blues.

Anyone could be excused for doing a double take upon hearing about an Indian blues band. Isn’t India the land of sitars, tablas and the outrageously upbeat pop of Bollywood? Indeed, it is. But the country’s thriving music scene also includes dozens of rock, blues and heavy metal bands, and among the hottest is AKG supporter Soulmate, an Indian blues band that has performed worldwide.


Soulmate was formed in Shillong, a British-era hill station in northeastern India, by Rudy Wallang, a widely respected guitarist, singer and songwriter, and Tipriti “Tips” Kharbangar, rhythm guitarist and vocalist with a vocal style dubbed “Janis Joplin-meets-Aretha Franklin” by one reporter with The Washington Post.


Before Soulmate, Rudy was with two other well-known Indian blues rock acts – Great Society and Mojo. He met Tips when she sang back-up during a Mojo session. Prior to that, she had sung mostly gospel. Soon after, Mojo split up, but Rudy and Tips began playing together. It worked. And underscoring their passion for the music, they opted not to form a full-blown band, but instead to work with a couple of session musicians, feeling that it’s tough to find full-time band members who feel the blues deeply enough.


“You need to really have the blues – inside you. You have to have that edge. Sometimes people don’t have that edge,” Rudy explained in an interview with Rolling Stone India. “They may have the energy – which is always good, new energy is always good – but not the edge. With the blues you need to come out of your comfort zone…”


He certainly found that in Tips. Interviewed by The Washington Post, she explained, “The day I met Rudy was the day God sent me a man who had been through pain and could feel that pain on his guitar. What he feels on his guitar, I feel through singing.”


When Soulmate performs, they use the AKG WMS40 Mini Wireless Body-Pack Transmitter to ensure that edge and their passion are delivered cleanly and reliably. The system is available in different application optimized set packages, all of which includes a universal, switched mode power supply for worldwide operation. Perhaps most impressive is its extremely long battery life – 30 hours on a single AA battery.


Soulmate has performed throughout India, Europe and toured the U.S., including two sold out shows at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. during the Maximum India Festival, and twice were semi-finalists at the 23rd and 26th International Blues Challenge in the heart of blues country, Memphis, Tennessee. They’ve played alongside Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal and John Lee Hooker Jr, and when they opened for Carlos Santana in Delhi, the renowned guitarist strolled out on stage to perform with them.


For Soulmate, the WMS40 Mini gives them the freedom to let loose. As Tips told Rolling Stone India: “…when I go up on stage, it’s like, throwing it out, letting it go.” And AKG is thrilled to play at least a small part in allowing Soulmate to go on letting loose.


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