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“Pop noir” – that’s what German singer songwriter SCHMIDT calls her style. “Berlin sex appeal”, “deep blue pop”, “grandiose cabaret pop” – these are labels the media came up with as they scrambled to describe the pop and jazz singer following the debut of her first full-length album, “Femme SCHMIDT”, in the spring of 2012. But perhaps it was the German edition of Elle that best conveyed how different this 23-year-old singer and AKG artist is. While no better than others at labeling her music, Elle noted that SCHMIDT was most definitely “not Lady Gaga, not Rihanna, not Nicki Manaj,” but instead the “long awaited change…calm, cool and sophisticated.”


German-born Elisa Schmidt left home at 16 to study music in London, at 17 spent a year in the U.S., and has followed her own creative path ever since. She now splits her time between London and Berlin. She’s been called a modern day Marlene Dietrich, and compared to everyone from Adele to Amy Winehouse. And while the comparisons to jazz and blues singers of another era are often made, SCHMIDT insists that her intention isn’t to invoke a past era, but to instead express her attitude toward life. 


SCHMIDT’s first release was an EP, Above Sin City, with Warner Music in the fall of 2011. Femme SCHMIDT, also with Warner, dropped the following spring. A collaboration with British songwriter and producer Guy Chambers, Femme SCHMIDT was described by one critic as a  “pearl of pop noir”. 


When SCHMIDT performs, it’s the AKG HT4500 wireless handheld voice transmitter that she relies on to deliver her distinctive style. It connects to a choice of four different microphones to cover a wide range of applications. The transmitter’s unique dipole antenna design ensures reliable transmission even when one antenna pole is covered completely by the user’s hand. Its transmission power makes it ideal for long distance applications, and a pilot tone continuously sends transmitter data, including mute switch position and remaining battery life, to the receiver. Battery life is outstanding – 15 hours with a pair of standard AA alkaline batteries. What’s more, it offers real-time display of remaining battery life, a feature of enormous value in wireless applications. For SCHMIDT, the AKG HT4500 provides the versatility and reliability that she demands to ensure a flawless performance.



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