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Royal Republic

Explosive Swedish garage rock.

Delve into what it is that makes Swedish garage rockers Royal Republic so popular, and one word keeps popping up–fun. And make no mistake, the four members of this hard-working band enjoy every minute of making their explosive, infectious brand of rock with a little help from AKG.

From Malmö, Sweden, Royal Republic is guitarist/lead singer Adam Grahn, guitarist Hannes Irengård, bass guitarist Jonas Almén and drummer Per Andreasson. Whether live or in the studio, the band’s reputation rests on its energy, fury and even “outright immature brilliance,” as one reviewer put it.

“Our sound happened by accident when we tried to sound like Danko Jones and The Hives, but we couldn’t really sound like that because we aren’t those bands,” said Grahn. “We wanted to sound like a live band…with the soul and character of a band that’s toured to death and seen and done it all.”

The band has two albums under its belt, both full of the riffs, hooks and licks that have garnered them a large and loyal following across Europe. In the process, they’ve picked up an award at Sweden’s Emergenza festival, three #1 singles on Bandit Rock’s “Most Wanted” list and a #1 song on MTV Rockchart.

The band’s attitude is cocky and irreverent, but at the same time funny and lighthearted. “We want to make people happy, ready to party and perhaps a little bit horny,” Grahn explains.

To deliver on that promise at its live performances, Royal Republic turns to the AKG IVM4500 IEM wireless in-ear monitoring system,—which enables band members to clearly hear themselves while freely moving around the stage. What sets the IVM4500 apart is its binaural room simulator that gets the music out of the performer’s head and into the room, creating a natural listening experience. The system is comprised of the SST4500 IEM wireless transmitter, the SPR4500 IEM wireless receiver, and the IP2 in-ear headphones. There’s a built-in equalizer with presets to modify the sound to suit individual preferences, and dbx® compressor to provide control over the dynamics.

For Royal Republic, the IVM4500 gives them the freedom and confidence to continue conquering all kinds of venues with their unique take on Britpop and punk.

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jazz, smooth jazz, latin, soul, hip hop, funk and more

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Adam Grahn, Hannes Irengård, Jonas Almén, Per Andreasson,


Three #1 singles on Bandit Rock’s “Most Wanted” list and a #1 song on MTV Rockchart

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