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Live Improvisation

A series of live improvised jams shot in an amazing sounding vintage MC-Racing motor cycle shop near Helsinki, FInland.

“I was visiting this amazing vintage racing shop near by. The owner Pentti Elo is building a studio for his endeavours next door, but he had some vintage drum kits set up and ready to play in his shop. After testing a kit in the shop, I got an idea to bring my Gretsch drums and record some live music with fellow musicians in this room. That started this no stress Grage Jam- porject.” says drummer and producer Rikhard Murto.

Idea was to record three different drums sets and two different bands live, on the spot improvised. Sonically all sources were well prepared and mics accordingly angled to pre eq and record the wanted tone. Gearwise we ended up using mainly AKG C414 XLII reference multipattern conderser microphones. They performed great as room mics, over heads, tom mics and electric guitar amp mic. We also used the C451 B for snare drum, hihat and D12 VR for bass drum. The plan was to achieve a great lively sound of the whole band. All close mics were pulled away a bit for more air and body when used as additional close mics. The main miking for the drums was done with 4 mics (yellow drum kit) inspired by the great musician, engineer and producer Glyn Johns. Bass drum, snare, center overhead and side overhead.

Artist biography

Rikhard Murto (b.1981) is a diverse drummer and producer from Helsinki, Finland (EU) with many hats. Besides working as a composer for TV and film, a sound designer for modern art video illustrations, a record producer and remixer he is currently working with many of Finland’s most talented artists and biggest live productions. This has lead him to become a sought after live producer and performer to play traditional drum set as well as his intricate hybrid drum and percussion setups in national TV, Radio and touring around Finland and Europe.

Currently Rikhard is the drummer/musical director for the talented Finnish Idol winner Diandra, drummer for Worlds Funniest Comedian 2014 Ismo Lekola (Laugh Factory USA), drummer/percussionist for Finlands most succesful rap artist Cheek and also made live concert history by performing two sold out shows to 80 000 people at the Finnish Olympic Stadium. He is also very involved with the live production aspect as a trusted live programmer running the system syncing and controlling music/video/pyro/lights and raising the bar for future mega concert productions.


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