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Rick Latham is all about the groove. One of the most in-demand studio and touring drummers, he’s experienced in a wide range of genres. But when all is said and done, it’s finding the groove that drives Rick and he relies on his AKG Groove Pack to capture it all.


Renowned as a versatile performer, Rick also has a reputation as a master of the technical aspects of drumming. What’s more, he teaches, composes, and has authored several books. But it’s playing the groove that gets his heart pumping. Whether performing with Rick Latham And The Groove Doctors – his own L.A. all-star jazz “super group” – or any of the long list of top artists he’s performed with, including Rick Derringer, Neal Schon, Pat Travers, or jazz greats Howard Roberts, Bill Satrous and Paul Smith, among others, it’s working the groove that puts a smile on Rick’s face. Currently, Rick is the drummer with GRAMMY Award winner Juice Newton, bringing the groove to country with a little help from AKG.


The AKG Groove Pack is a six-pack of mics, each tailored to meet the unique demands of percussion, including a P2 bass microphone, three P4’s that can handle the high sound pressure levels of toms and snare, and a pair of P17 condenser overhead mics. It comes complete with mic clamps and stand adapters, all packed into an aluminum carrying case.


“Everything I do signifies ‘groove’, so AKG’s Groove Pack just seems right,” says Latham. “The Groove Pack is an amazing assortment of mics that offers quality for any drummer, no matter what their skill level. The pack is always with me – in my studio, on the road or on stage.” 

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