Red Bull Music Academy 2013 - NYC

Posted by Alyssa on 20th Jan 2014

Founded in 1998 in Berlin, the Red Bull Music Academy supports up-and-coming singers, musicians, producers and DJs from around the world during their first important steps into the music business. Founded in 1947 in Vienna, AKG is well known for manufacturing microphones, headphones and wireless audio systems for professionals. It's a natural fit to bring these world-leading brands together in order to educate the next generation of musical pioneers.

Now, more than ever, it's exceedingly important to work with excellent equipment and top industry professionals in order to succeed in the music business. This year, the Red Bull Music Academy offered 60 young artists a very unique five week journey that included festival concerts, lectures by pioneers in the music business, as well as the chance to work in recording studios in New York City. AKG's part in this journey was providing the very best equipment possible -not just to have a great experience and start in the world of music, but to have fun from the very beginning.  

AKG's K171 MKII studio headphones were provided for the studio sessions; they're also perfect for live sound mixing and are the number one headphone for demanding bass players and drummers worldwide. The advanced closed-back technology of the AKG K171 MKII is responsible for high noise rejection and delivers the best possible sound reproduction. To familiarize the students with wireless systems, AKG chose the revolutionary DMS700, a digital wireless microphone system that is designed to deliver premium audio quality and also includes  HiQnet network remote control and monitoring.

AKG's C414 XLII,(SOS 2013 Readers' Choice Award winner for best microphone), a multi-pattern condenser microphone, and AKG´s D12 VR, a large-diaphragm dynamic microphone complete the package. With nine selectable polar patterns for the perfect response, the C414 XLII offers trouble-free use: all controls can easily be disabled, and an overload warning with audio peak hold LED or three switchable bass-cut filters are just a few great features of this product. To complete the experience of the world of AKG, the artists used the D12 VR dynamic mic. With a cardioid polar pattern, an optimized bass chamber and an ultra thin diaphragm for accurate reproduction of the instrument's sound, AKG's D12 VR taught the students one important bit of  knowledge: its not the just about the hard work, it's about working hard with the perfect equipment: AKG.

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