Parov Stelar Band with AKG DMS700 wireless microphone system, AKG D5 Dynamic vocal microphone, C519 condenser instrument microphone


Parov Stelar Band

Electro swing from Austria

Whether they're in Seoul, London, San Francisco or Vienna – with Parov Stelar Band, swing is definitely back in town. Their brand of electro swing requires professional, clear sound, and since 2011, AKG has been one of the secrets to their success. 

For lead vocalist Cleo Panther, AKG's D5 professional dynamic vocal microphone is a favorite. The D5 delivers her unique and powerful voice clearly, even on the noisiest of stages. Horn players Max the Sax and Jerry Di Monza use the C519 professional miniature condenser microphone. It can be clipped easily onto trumpets, saxophones or any other wind instruments, and its flat frequency response delivers the natural sounds of their horns. The C519 tight cardioid polar pattern is perfect for use near monitor wedges. For the rest of their vocals, Parov Stelar Band uses AKG's DMS700 D5 vocal set – in fact, they've used it on well over a hundred shows now. AKG's premium reference digital mic system, it works well with our IVM4500 IEM wireless in-ear monitoring system , providing an exceptional natural listening experiences thanks to its binaural room simulations. With a bandwidth of up to 155MHz, the AKG's DMS700 D5 vocal set, set's transmitters and receiver can be operated in even the most crowded airwaves. The optional network remote control allows frequency coordination from just about any nearby location, and with System Architect™ software, the DMS700 can be controlled with the AKG Wireless iPhone® App

To sell out London's Forum two nights in a row, as Parov Stelar Band has done, you've got to not only be a stellar band, you've got to use stellar equipment. And that's why, when Parov Stelar and band swing, they do so with AKG.

Parov Stelar Band

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Electro swing

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