The Palace of the Republic, Kazakhstan

Breaking the language barrier.

It’s enough to send even the most experienced event planner into a tizzy – an audience of 3,000 people coming to hear from a panel of 20 speakers, with as many as seven different languages spoken. But it’s not a problem at the Palace of the Republic in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where an AKG CS5 Digital Conference System is easily up to the task.

The AKG system was installed as part of a 2012 renovation of the auditorium that included an upgrade of the entire AV system. Built in 1970, the 3,000-seat venue hosts concerts, film festivals, conventions and a wide range of meetings and other events. With the upgrade, handled by Asian Pro Music (APM), the objective was to establish the Palace as the most technologically advanced concert hall in Central Asia. With the need for synchronized translation for up to seven languages, it was a tall order for the conference system. After all, the United Nations has only six official languages! Beyond that, it had to be versatile enough to be used during other events, such as festivals, movie screenings and musical performances.

The AKG CS5 was up to the task. For simplicity and cost efficiency, the CS5 is built around fewer than 10 components, yet it can handle a host of applications, from a small discussion setup to large conference systems where voting, delegate management, simultaneous translation and language distribution functions are needed.

“We decided that AKG Acoustics would provide the best high-end conference and synchronized translation system,” said Maxim Vostrov, APM CEO. “This was proved justified, as once the installation was complete, the high quality and simplicity of operation were immediately noted.”

The system in the Palace of the Republic, designed for 20 delegates, combines the CS5 BU base unit with CS5 BOB breakout box to provide an additional 16 analogue channels, CS5 VU voting units, CS5 DU delegate units, CS5 IU interpreter units, GN30 CS and GN50 CS (30cm and 50cm) goosenecks, plus an array of infrared transmitters/receivers and headphones.

APM knew that the CS5 system was the answer. “There was never any doubt about using it for this particular project,” said Kamila Seidemetova, APM sales coordinator. Luckily, APM’s trust wasn’t misplaced. The system’s evaluation run was the Almaty mayor’s presentation of his annual report. The AKG CS5 passed with flying colors. No word, though, on how the mayor’s report was received.

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