Mozes and The Firstborn - I Got Skills

Garage Rock From Eindhoven

on 24th July 2014

On a sunny, tree-lined street in a Vienna park, four twenty-something men plant themselves in the middle of the road, two with guitar in hand. As cyclists, joggers and horse carriages amble by, the four count down and start to perform as a video crew records it all. But these aren’t street musicians. It’s Mozes and The Firstborn, The Netherlands’ latest rock export, and the public performance is the latest project from the creative collective known as They Shoot Music Don’t They, an AKG-supported group of filmmakers and photographers who capture offstage band performances in unusual settings.


This particular They Shoot Music Don’t They (TSMDT) video caught Mozes and The Firstborn in the Prater, a park in Vienna, during the band’s first visit to the city, where they played the Waves Festival. The Eindhoven-based group is a self-described garage band playing old style rock – a “retro-stylish” garage sound to some, while others hail them as a “fresh, new and exciting garage pop band”. Lead singer Melle Dielesen notes that their recordings have a “DIY feel” to them and it’s no wonder – their self-titled debut album was recorded in his mother’s basement, a decision producer Michel Schoots (ex-drummer for Urban Dance Squad) encouraged.


As for TSMDT, they use AKG microphones and headphones to capture bands throughout Europe, both internationally acclaimed and local acts. Their preferred microphone is the AKG C214, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone designed to deliver detailed recording of lead vocals and solo instruments. For monitoring, the group turns to the AKG K271 MKII headphones. They combine the comfort of an over-the-ear design and the benefits of closed-back technology for the best possible sound reproduction. The sealed design ensures low signal bleeding into microphones and maximum isolation for live mixing applications. And for video work, they rely on the AKG PR4500 ENG wireless camera receiver that combines the outstanding audio quality for which AKG is known with exceptional ease-of-use thanks to an automatic setup function and scanning of the radio frequency environment. 


For They Shoot Music Don’t They, AKG provides the quality, reliability and durability they need as they go chasing after bands like Mozes and The Firstborn.


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