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Posted by Alyssa on 27th Nov 2013

Judging from today's music, just about anything goes when making music. At the Modern Music School, with its well trained teachers, creative concepts and well-honed teaching methods, students learn that just about anything can go into their music, which motivates them to have fun and create with enthusiasm. For over 25 years, and in more than 70 locations, AKG has provided these students with the equipment that has helped make the Modern Music School (or MMS) one of the leading music schools worldwide.

Modern Music School - AKG inside

To help them hear what they've created, MMS students use AKG's K271 MKII studio headphones. Their closed-back design brings clear, authentic sounds to their ears, and that's important to the beginning musician. The K271 MKII is also very comfortable over long mixing sessions, and with its auto-mute feature, creates maximum isolation for live situations. For microphones, MMS students rock AKG's legendary D5 dynamic mic, the C214 large diaphragm condenser mic, and the D12VR large diaphragm dynamic mic. The D5 delivers powerful sound for both lead and backing vocals, with its frequency-independent supercardioid polar pattern for maximum gain and trouble-free use. For both live and studio use, the C214 provides outstanding dynamic range and ultra low noise. It has a switchable 20dB attenuator and bass-cut filter, too, which can help during live-in-the-studio or on stage recording. For instruments, MMS students' first choice is AKG's D12VR, a dynamic mic with cardioid polar pattern, ultra thin diaphragm for accurate instrument sound reproduction, and patented, switchable active filters.

At MMS, it's not about being a star some day, it's about being a star from day one. Learn from the best and use the best equipment, and you'll enjoy making music – and the trip from student to star.


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