Life Ball Vienna 2015 powered by AKG

Gold-Drenched Fantasy for Charity

on 03th June 2015

For one day this spring, Vienna was transformed into a gold-drenched fantasy world as the city hosted the 23rd annual Life Ball, Europe’s biggest AIDS charity event. As thousands of celebrities, models, musicians and revelers took over City Hall Square to raise awareness for the cause, AKG provided stunning audio to complement the jaw-dropping visuals. 

© Jan Ehm

Held each year in the neo-gothic Vienna City Hall, Life Ball is truly a spectacle, where “more is more” seems to be rule of thumb for what to wear. And with gold the theme for this year’s event, the décor and outfits glittered like never before. Celebrity participants included Mary J Blige, actors Sean Penn and Charlize Theron, and Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst, as well as a fashion show featuring French icon Jean-Paul Gaultier.

© Raimund Appel

Behind all the glitz and glamour was a supporting cast of AKG microphones and monitoring gear, including 100 channels of AKG wireless systems and a variety of cabled mics and headphones. For stellar sound on 10 individual stages, the event staff turned to the WMS4500 analog reference wireless mic system  and the DMS700 V2 digital wireless system.* Both were chosen for their outstanding audio quality, reliability and ability to simultaneously handle multiple channels–up to 70 for the WMS4500 and up to 40 for the DMS700 V2. Monitoring for speakers and performers was handled by the AKG IVM4500 wireless in-ear monitoring system that’s renowned for its reliability and clarity.

© Harald Klemm

“Ever since 2006, we have been the proud partner and sponsor of the annual Life Ball in Vienna,” said Walter Rührig of AKG Artist & Key Customers Relations. “Finding the right equipment for ten different stages with differing acoustics was challenging, but thanks to the flexibility of AKG microphones, the input and pickup patterns perfectly complemented the wide variety of presenters and performers.”

*DMS700 V2 has been updated and replaced by the DMS800 digital wireless system.

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