Life Ball 2014 supported by AKG

A charitable extravaganza

Posted by Leah on 10th July 2014

It’s the traditional Viennese ball updated for the 21st century, bringing together the worlds of fashion, the arts and public service – it’s Life Ball, one of the largest and most celebrated AIDS charity events in the world. This year’s celebrity participants included Bill Clinton, Christina Perri, Ricky Martin, Billy Zane and Courtney Love, among others, all there to help boost awareness of HIV/AIDS and support those affected. AKG, too, was there, to provide support for the cause and microphones and monitoring systems for event performers and speakers.

Held each year in the neo-gothic Vienna City Hall, Life Ball is a celebration of the world’s cultural diversities that attracts tens of thousands of international visitors. It’s truly an extravaganza, with a fashion show and opening ceremony on the City Hall Square, and live performances inside city hall by a diverse roster of international stars.

To be sure every word uttered or sung by the international performers and personalities came through crystal clear, the technical crew – the behind-the-scenes stars – relied on AKG wireless microphones and monitoring gear. Two different AKG wireless microphone systems were used – the WMS4500 analog reference system and the DMS700 V2 reference digital wireless system. Both were chosen for their outstanding audio quality, reliability and ability to simultaneously handle multiple channels  -- up to 70 for the WMS4500 and up to 40 for the DMS700 V2.

Monitoring for speakers and performers was handled by the AKG IVM4500 wireless in-ear monitoring system that’s renowned for its reliability and clarity.

“Ever since 2006, we have been the proud partner and sponsor of the annual Life Ball in Vienna,” said Walter Rührig of AKG Artist & Key Customers Relations. “Finding the right equipment for nine different stages with differing acoustics was challenging, but thanks to the flexibility of AKG microphones, the input and pickup patterns were very accommodating to the various presenters and performers.”

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