Karo Glazer

Vocal artist extraordinaire

on 27 May 2014

If a true artist is one who’s never content to safely stick with what’s worked in the past, then count jazz vocalist Karo Glazer as one. Not only is she considered one of the most original jazz artists in recent years, she’s driven by a need to constantly explore new territory, push boundaries and create something altogether new. And whether it’s in the studio or performing live, she entrusts her artistic creativity to AKG gear.

A native of Poland, Karo made a name for herself throughout Europe with her debut album, Normal, the Debut of the Year winner in the 2010 PAM London Awards and the album that introduced the world to the versatility of her voice and her four-octave range. Reviewing the album, Jazz Forum said, “Glazer sings beautifully, clearly and has got a wide range of voice, brilliant technique and she uses scat magnificently.” And renowned Swedish jazz bassist, composer and record producer Lars Danielsson calls Karo, “…one of the most talented young vocal jazz artists I’ve heard for years now…the way she carries a melody and interprets the text is truly unique…”

But it was her 2013 release of Crossings Project that cemented Karo’s reputation as an inventive composer, arranger and producer, in addition to her talent as a vocal artist. The album was an international project that involved a collection of top jazz musicians – 17 in all from seven different countries – who, for Karo, had been a source of inspiration in how she composes and sings. Working with Grammy Award-winning American producer Martin Walters, Karo collaborated with each musician to explore new directions, her voice covering scat, mouth percussion, harmonies and classical singing.

Karo uses an array of AKG microphones for her studio work and live performances. In the studio, she turns to the large diaphragm AKG C414 XLS Reference Multipattern Condenser microphone that offers a choice of nine polar patterns and is engineered for the highest linearity and neutral sound. On stage, Karo’s choice is the AKG D7 Reference Dynamic Vocal Microphone that delivers the subtle and open sound of a condenser mic with the powerful resonance of a dynamic mic. Its patented dual-layer Varimotion diaphragm can vibrate unhindered, which results in extraordinarily crisp and clean sound. For wireless use, she relies on the DHT700 V2 Reference Digital Wireless Handheld Transmitter with the D7 mic head for a powerful sound, even on the noisiest stage.

When monitoring her studio work, Karo dons a pair of AKG K271 MKII Professional Studio Headphones. The sealed design ensures low signal bleeding into microphones in the studio and maximum isolation for live mixing applications.

But Karo’s work with AKG extends beyond recording and performing. She is also a professional vocal coach, helping aspiring singers make the most of their talent through a series of vocal workshops sponsored by AKG, called “Wake Up Your Voice”.Could there be another Karo Glazer out there?


Website: Karo Glazer

Facebook: Karo Glazer

Used AKG products: AKG C414 XLS, AKG D7, AKG K271 MKII, AKG DHT700 V2


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