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Jose J. Cortijo

Percussion Perfectionist

Musician, tutor, composer, author – percussionist Jose Cortijo is immersed in the world of percussion, performing with world-renowned artists, recording, teaching, writing and always inspiring. Intimately familiar with the many instruments he plays, Jose works with the AKG C414 XLS for one simple reason – it faithfully delivers the sound he expects to hear.


Inspired at the age of 15 by private lessons with Cuban percussionist Pedrito Diaz, Barcelona-born Jose did a variety of studio and TV work in Spain before moving to Germany. There, while continuing to perform and record he shared his passion for percussion with others by teaching, and was named the first professor for Latin percussion at the University of Music and Performing Arts Mannheim. Today, he is also the artistic director at the World Percussion Academy. And should anyone ever doubt Jose’s enthusiasm for percussion, he’s the author of “Latin Timbales for Percussionists and Drummers,” and “Kleinpercussion Spielen,” and he writes a recurring workshop series for the German magazine “Drums and Percussion.”


Whether he’s performing, recording or teaching, Jose relies on the AKG C414 XLS and its neutral sound to accurately capture his performance, from the most delicate triangle strikes to the beating of his timbales, without the need for endless tweaking.


“The instrument should have the sound I am looking for right from the start,” Jose explains. “The mic is there to record the sound without having to use a lot of knobs and plugins.  That’s why I work with AKG mics, both live and in my studio!”


The C414 is renowned as an industry workhorse for musicians of all kinds. For Jose and his vast inventory of percussion instruments, which includes bongos, timbales, cymbals, chimes and hundreds of other hand-powered percussion pieces, the mic’s array of signal patterns, ability to handle high-output sources and linearity make it his go-to mic. 

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