Hannes Arch

Ready for Takeoff

How does an air race pilot mentally prepare for the adrenaline rush of a competition? For Red Bull Air Race pilot Hannes Arch, music is what gets him psyched for those 200+ mph runs through the pylons. And it’s an eclectic mix, ranging from classical to electronic to grunge rock.

Pre-race ritual for the Austrian pilot–the first European to win the world championship–includes settling into the cockpit, donning his AKG AV100 headphones, closing his eyes and cueing up a playlist that includes Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, “Sun” by Austria’s STS, “Sagte de Bär” by German electronic musician Paul Kalkbrenner, Arvo Pärt’s serene Spiegel im Spiegel and “Given to Fly” by grunge rockers Pearl Jam.

“Music is a really important part of my life, for relaxation, sports or to concentrate before a Red Bull Air Race,” says Arch. “I really enjoy listening through the AV100 headphones because the quality is higher than any other headphones I’ve used before. I am really happy having AKG as a partner.”

The AV100 headset features AKG’s class-leading Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling technology to reduce cockpit noise. It offers Bluetooth technology and an AUX input for connectivity options, and is designed for superior comfort during extended use. 

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