Hannes Arch

Adventurer, pilot, air racer

Posted by Leah on 25th June 2014

As an air race pilot, Hannes Arch spends a lot of time with his head in the clouds. But, even while blazing through pylons and pulling 10g’s he needs to stay in touch with his team on the ground. For that, he turns to AKG.

The Austrian pilot made his name in air racing, first as an organizer of the Red Bull Air Race and later as a pilot: in 2008 he became the first European to win the world championship. With a background in mountaineering, acrobatic paragliding, stunt flying and B.A.S.E. jumping, Arch knows the importance of attention-to-detail. Exhaustive planning, precise timing and fine-tuning equipment can mean the difference between winning or losing, success or disaster.

His success in air racing is in large part due to the intensity and focus he brings to all of his endeavors. He’s constantly looking for ways to improve his plane, and when it came to a headset, Arch worked with AKG to develop the AV100 headphones he dons each time he takes flight.

“I’m proud to have teamed up with an Austrian company with over 65 years of experience in acoustics and a local team of craftsmen,” said Arch. “By adding my expertise to their manufacturing know-how, it was possible to set new standards for aviation headsets. We have now created the quietest, most comfortable and reliable headset on the market today.”

The AV100 headset features AKG’s class-leading Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling technology to reduce cockpit noise. It offers Bluetooth technology and an AUX input for connectivity options, and is designed for superior comfort and fit for extended use.

“Flying is my passion, and now it just got a whole lot better,” said Arch. “The AKG headset is extremely comfortable and manageable in every way.” High praise from a man who wears them while enduring stress up to 10 times the force of gravity and maneuvering his plane sideways through pylons.


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