Ghost Capsules - Inside

presented by They shoot music and AKG

on 21th April 2014

Minimalistic” is how Vienna-based electro quartet Ghost Capsule is often described. So it’s fitting that when the pop culture filmmakers and photographers of They Shoot Music Don’t They wanted to capture a performance, they chose the spare, soaring open space of Vienna’s Semperdepot, a 19th century architectural gem originally used for storing theater sets and backdrops. There, with the help of AKG gear, they shot an intoxicating performance of “Inside” from the group’s debut album.

Ghost Capsules came about when Englishman Tim Simenon of the British electronic music project Bomb The Bass had a Vienna gig. Tim, who produced Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Sinead O’Conner, Seal and Neneh Cherry, hit it off with his support band, drummer Roman Lugmayr and keyboard player Georg Lichtenauer. The chemistry was so right, that Tim relocated from Amsterdam to Vienna. Ghost Capsules was completed when singer Laura Gomez, who Tim had booked to play one of his club nights, joined.

The band describes their music as “music for the night…dark chocolate electro shot through with a dash of espresso”. It’s dance music to be sure, but not merely dance music. There’s a dash of pop, but as one might expect from the band’s own description, what Ghost Capsules creates is more complex, more atmospheric than what’s expected from party music, and it’s Laura Gomez’s singing that delivers the emotion that sets the band apart.

The Vienna video shot by They Shoot Music Don’t They (TSMDT) captured the group’s atmospheric sound, and while there’s no doubt that it’s club music, it’s equally suited to the sun-drenched space of Semperdepot. TSMDT, a collective of cinematographers and music enthusiasts who film unique offstage performances, produced the video using AKG microphones and headphones. An AKG D5, a pro dynamic microphone designed for lead and backing vocals, captured Laura’s vocals. Its laminated Varimotion diaphragm delivers a crisp sound that cuts through the mix, and the dual shock mount ensured that there was no handling noise as Laura performed. Also used in the production was an AKG C214, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone designed to deliver detailed recording of lead vocals and solo instruments.

Drummer Roman Lugmayr used a pair of K519DJ headphones, while the TSMDT crew turned to the AKG K271 MKII headphones for monitoring. They combine the comfort of an over-the-ear design with the benefits of closed-back technology for the best possible sound reproduction.

Let’s hope that not too much time elapses before TSMDT gathers up their gear again to bring us another captivating performance by Ghost Capsules.


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