Francis International Airport - Backspace

presented by They shoot music and AKG

on 18th April 2014

Performing in Vienna’s Wein Museum, Austrian indie pop band Francis International Airport looks like an exhibit themselves, their black t-shirts and pants in stark contrast against the museum-white walls. It’s another staging by the inventive pop culture collective They Shoot Music Don’t They, on location with their AKG equipment to capture the Viennese band performing the dark and powerful “Backspace” from their album “Cache”.

Though the band’s name comes from the video game, Grand Theft Auto, their music is certainly not inspired by the game’s soundtrack. The band started out making sophisticated pop music with attention to detail and finely crafted sounds. But the indie sound evolved to include more electronic elements with traces of synth-pop of the eighties, while still incorporating catchy tunes.

When shooting FIA at the Wein Museum, They Shoot Music Don’t They, a collective of cinematographers and music enthusiasts, captured a powerful performance by the band using an array of AKG gear. For mics, they chose the AKG C214, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone designed to deliver detailed recording of lead vocals and solo instruments. They also used a pair of lavalier microphones, the CK77 WR and CK99 L. The CK77 WR is a small, omnidirectional mic with a patented dual-diaphragm capsule to protect the transducer from moisture and perspiration, and two back-to-back vertical diaphragms to cancel out mechanical and cable noise by mixing the signals of both capsules out of phase. The CK99 L has a cardioid polar pattern and provides a natural sound with a slight rise above 10kHz for added clarity.

For monitoring, TSMDT used the AKG K271 MKII headphones. They combine the comfort of an over-the-ear design and the benefits of closed-back technology for the best possible sound reproduction. The sealed design ensures low signal bleeding into microphones in the studio and maximum isolation for live mixing applications. And for video work, TSMDT’s filmmaker’s rely on the AKG PR4500 ENG wireless camera receiver that combines the outstanding audio quality for which AKG is known with exceptional ease-of-use thanks to an automatic setup function and scanning of the radio frequency environment.

The end result was another stunning and moving performance by a unique band captured in a unique but entirely appropriate setting.


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They Shoot Music Don’t They is a collective of pop culture enthusiasts, film makers and photographers. We film unique offstage performances of bands we like in unusual – mostly urban – settings. The stripped-down sessions feature internationally acclaimed as well as local bands, are unannounced, spontaneous and can take place literally anywhere.

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