AKG's Flat-wire Voice Coil

Spacious, accurate sound

It’s probably for the best that the earth is round and not flat, and flat broke is not something anyone would aspire to. But to get the best possible sound from headphones, AKG has determined that flat is the way to go, at least for voice coils.


AKG’s flat-wire voice coil technology is what gives the K701, K702 and K712 Reference headphones the transient response that delivers amazingly accurate and spacious sound. Conventional voice coils use round wires, but AKG’s flat-wire technology allows the company to build very rigid yet lightweight voice coils, which improves the pulse response. Furthermore, using flat wires provides higher packing density in the magnetic gap, which increases the efficiency because less power is lost to heat.


The result is dramatic and spacious sound, brilliant highs and velvety, punchy bass for precision listening, mixing and mastering, which is why so many performers and sound engineers prefer the AKG K701, K702 and K712 Reference headphones.

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