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Getting the drop on dropouts

Posted by Leah on 5 June 2014

The untethered freedom a wireless mic provides is a boon for performers and presenters alike as long as interference is dealt with. Thanks to advanced countermeasures, the AKG DMSTetrad wireless microphone system is extremely effective at protecting against interference. But as every performer knows, there are rare occasions when a dropout occurs. To get the drop on dropouts, AKG has developed new, complementary technology that wrestles them into submission.


The AKG DMSTetrad wireless microphone system operates in the 2.4GHz bandwidth, a frequency range popular among those looking for worldwide license-free operation. But the 2.4GHz range is a crowded neighborhood. A performer’s transmission is competing with an array of other wireless equipment, including Wi-Fi routers and an ever-expanding array of Bluetooth devices. To prevent interference, the DMSTetrad system uses three key countermeasures:

Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS): When interference is detected, the system automatically jumps to a different channel;

Time Diversity: Automatically detects a lost signal and asks the transmitter to resend it;

Antenna Diversity: Two antennas are included with the system and it switches between the two to select the antenna with the best reception.


As effective as these countermeasures are, they’re not foolproof and sometimes a dropout sneaks in. To handle those rare occurrences, AKG developed a technology that can accurately extrapolate the missing signal to conceal the dropout and thus prevent the clicks they can cause. Called DROCON, for DROpout CONcealment, it requires a mere two milliseconds to simultaneously process all four of the DMSTetrad system’s channels and has only a marginal impact on the receiver’s power consumption.

The DMSTetrad system is renowned for its ability to deliver uncompromising vocal and instrumental performances, with studio-quality transmissions and linear frequency response. Now, with addition of AKG’s DROCON technology, even the occasional dropout won’t compromise a performance.

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