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One-man wrecking crew

Ravi Jakkhotia alias DJ Ravi Drums is anything but subtle. “Explosive”, “in your face”, “one-man wrecking machine” – these are just some of the words used to describe the DJ/drummer, credited with having invented the process of live drum playing while remixing. Backing him up is a multitude of AKG microphones, arrayed to capture all the power and punch of his passionate performances.

Discovered by Howie Mandel while performing with Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson during the 2008 Super Bowl Halftime show, DJ Ravidrums (Ravi Jakhotia) delivers a high-energy mix of hip-hop, rock, funk, house, Latin, Brazilian and reggaeton. He’s performed with Britney Spears, Wil I Am, LIL Jon, Pitbull, Slash, Ricky Martin, Will Smith and The Black Eyed Peas, among others. Event appearances include Fashion Week in New York City and Los Angeles, and events for Michael Jordan, Nike, HBO and Nintendo, and Jakhotia was a featured performer at the Third Annual Premios Tu Mundo (Your World) Awards presented by Telemundo, the American Spanish language television network.

One highlight of DJ Ravi Drums was his special guest appearance for Mariah Carey’s show at the Ceasars #1 to Infinity in 2015.

On stage, Jakhotia stands and dominates his DJ/percussion rig, which was designed with NASA scientists. He attacks the array of drums, cymbals and DJ gear with seemingly unstoppable energy, and relies on AKG microphones to deliver that energy to the audience.

Jakhotia typically uses 10 AKG C518M Professional Miniature Condenser microphones, specifically designed for percussion on stage and in the studio. It features a cardioid polar patter that rejects overspill from nearby instruments and a switchable bass cut for adjusting the mic’s frequency response.

He also uses two AKG C451B Reference Small-Diaphragm Condenser microphones on the overheads and an AKG D40 Professional Dynamic Instrument microphone on the snare. The C451B delivers an airy sound, has a high overload limit and can handle up to 155dB SPL. The D40 features AKG’s patented Varimotion diaphragm to deliver crisp, powerful sound. For his vocals Ravi trusts in the proven quality of AKG’s WMS 4500 with an D7 mic head.

Interviewed about his Telemundo awards show performance, he said, “The show was about big giant Brazilian Samba sounds, consisting of percussion, electronics and proper acoustics. Getting the acoustics to meet the electronics takes a lot of work, but the AKG C518 microphones helped me do all that and generate a more powerful presence.”

Just as important for a high-octane performer like Jakhotia is durability. “In this age, it’s all about ease of use and reliability, which these microphones definitely have,” he said. “Even after hitting them with my drumsticks many times, they never fail.”

Jakhotia also uses the AKG C414 XLS Reference Multipattern Condenser microphone, with a choice of nine polar patterns for a wide range of applications.

“I just love the C414’s, as they’ve always been legendary and made me fall in love with AKG ever since I was a kid,” said Jakhotia. “The punch and clarity is there, making the electronics sound beefy and the acoustics sound complete. It’s challenging, but thanks to AKG, I can always find the right balance.”


DJ Ravi Drums

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House, dance, funk, rock, Latin, Brazilian, reggae, Reggaeton, swing and hip-hop

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Britney Spears, Will I Am, LIL Jon, Pitbull to Slash


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