Celtica Pipes Rock!

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Celtic rock band Celtica Pipes Rock is known for explosive guitars and blaring bagpipes, as well as their raucous live shows that promise fire juggling and flame throwers along with their unique blend of high-powered highland heavy metal. To make these high-octane spectacles a success, Celtica Pipes Rock depends on AKG microphones.

From the start, it was obvious Celtica was something different. Their unique sound quickly landed them a spot as headliner of one of the biggest Celtic/Scottish events in Central Europe, and the fame eventually took them to the US and Canada, with the power of YouTube garnering them fame around the world. 

A Celtica Pipes Rock performance promises excitement at every turn. While the flamethrowers attached to their instruments make for awesome visuals, it’s the AKG C519ML mics clipped onto their bagpipes that ensure the jigs and reels come through flawlessly every time due to their tight cardioid pattern and flat frequency response. Celtica Pipes Rock’s energetic beat always gets the crowd and the band moving, and the WMS4500 wireless body packs’ capability to operate up to 70 simultaneous wireless channels ensure the pipes, guitar, and bass players all have freedom to stomp, dance and otherwise move freely around the stage.

Audiences always enjoy a variety of fun music at Celtica Pipes Rock concerts. Given their varied set lists, audiences get to hear a blend of Scottish favorites—including jigs, ballads, drinking songs and classic love songs—in addition to modern rock classics such as “We Will Rock You,” “Smoke on the Water” and “Thunderstruck” and a variety of original songs as well. As for the artists themselves, they are able to hear everything perfectly due to the IVM4500 wireless in ear monitoring system’s exclusive binaural room simulations, which provide a natural listening experience.
With creative, eclectic talents and the backing of industry-leading AKG technology, Celtica Pipes Rock offers an irreplicable mix of classic and modern that is sure to trill audiences for years to come.


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