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Carlos Elizalde

High Intensity Performer.

No one will ever accuse percussionist/singer/songwriter Carlos Elizalde of standing still. To call him an energetic performer is an understatement. When performing with Ruckatán, the seven-piece Latin, reggae and world music band he founded, San Francisco-based Carlos combines singing and high-energy percussion playing with nonstop dancing. He’s a man who can’t be tied down, so he shuns cords and relies on AKG wireless microphone technology for the freedom and performance it provides.

Carlos has developed a solid reputation as one of San Francisco’s top front men. For years, he performed with some of the city’s most popular local bands before forming Ruckatán, a band whose multi-style blend shouldn’t be a surprise considering Carlos’ background. With a musician father and a Basque, Ecuadorian and Mexican heritage, Carlos was exposed to a mélange of musical styles and influences. Carlos describes Ruckatán as reggae and world music, with Latin tossed in and a sprinkling of rock to deliver an energetic dance-oriented sound.

His first exposure to AKG was in the recording studio where he used the WMS4500 wireless microphone system and the D7 reference dynamic microphone—and was struck by their warm, yet detailed, sound. “The D7 is so reliable and easy to operate, since I can just plug it in and start the show,” he said.

When performing live, Carlos relies on the WMS4500, the D7 and the AKG IVM4500 in-ear monitoring system. “I need a wireless mic that can follow my every move,” he explained. “I constantly dance, jump all over the stage and perform hand percussion – all at the same time. I’ve found the AKG WMS4500 and D7 to be totally reliable, and I do more than 80 shows a year.”

The D7 provides extraordinarily crisp and clean sound via the dual-layer Varimotion diaphragm, and provides the level of durability needed for a constantly performing artist like Carlos. The IVM4500 in-ear monitoring system provides stable signals and uncompromised audio monitoring quality, which Carlos describes as “very cool. It represents accurately what the monitor mixer is giving you.”

And that reliability and quality is critical to Carlos, an artist who gives every performance all he’s got. As he told one reporter, “Musically, what we’re doing is leaving our mark on this planet. A lot of cats just write music to satisfy their ego. We’re writing music to satisfy the world.”

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