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Filling the skills gap

Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Concert and the 2012 London Olympics. Impressive list, and just a small fraction of the artists and events that the UK’s Britannia Row Productions has provided with audio equipment and technicians. Which demontrates, of course, that they know what they’re doing and could teach aspiring live sound professionals a thing or two. Thus was born Britannia Row Productions Training, a series of courses taught by top professionals who provide hands-on experience with the same gear they use in the field—including an extensive array of AKG microphones and headphones.

Britannia Row Productions had long done in-house training for its employees. But as live sound technology became more complex, the company observed a dearth of training options for those eager to pursue a career in the field. Britannia Row Productions Training was established to provide aspiring live sound professionals practical, hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced professionals. This isn’t online learning or theory taught in a rented classroom. Students learn in a purpose-built, dedicated training center that includes a training room that replicates a 200-square-meter event space.

The main teaching space is equipped with everything a working professional would encounter on the job, including a variety of consoles, speakers, amplifiers, microphones, analysis equipment and more. The stage area with instruments and backline is equipped with a monitor system controlled by a monitor desk stage left. The main PA system is rigged on a truss goal post. Trainees are seated behind the Front of House position, facing the tutor. A camera projects a view of the console onto a screen so students can clearly see its operation. Additional satellite speakers are positioned close to `FOH.

AKG microphones are used throughout the training. “At AKG we strongly believe in professionally training students who plan a career in live sound,” said Walter Ruehrig, Manager of Key Customer Relations. “Live sound technology is much more complex than it was years ago. Only thorough and rigorous training from top professionals will ensure a newcomer’s survival in this business.”

Britannia Row uses a wide range of AKG microphones in its training courses, including the D5 dynamic vocal microphone; the DMS 700 reference digital wireless microphone system for theater, conference, live production and tour sound applications; the D12 VR reference large-diaphragm dynamic microphone for kick drums; and the C214 professional large-diaphragm condenser microphone for recording lead vocals and solo instruments.

“It’s a great pleasure for AKG to support Britannia Row Productions Training with a variety of our premium products for the instructors and the students,” said Ruehrig. “They’ve got a good mix of products that covers a wide range of live sound applications so they’ll be fully prepared for real-world gigs.”




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