Au Revoir Simone - Somebody Who

presented by They shoot music and AKG

on 16th April 2014

What do you make of an all-girl trio whose name is from a line in the movie, “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure”? Whatever others might make of the name, Au Revoir Simone have made quite a name for themselves. They count director/visual artist/musician David Lynch among their fans, and they caught the imagination of the pop culture filmmakers and photographers at Vienna’s They Shoot Music Don’t They, which recently filmed a pared down backstage performance with the help of AKG microphones and headphones.

Formed in 2003, Au Revoir Simone is an electronic dream pop band whose music has also been described as “lush electronic hypno-folk” and “synth-lead alt-folk”. But whatever label is applied to their music, the group has achieved what so many other Brooklyn, New York bands have not – risen above the syrupy synth pop that so many Brooklyn bands strive to deliver, as if it were a badge that proved hipster status. Au Revoir Simone made their mark by combining the sumptuous sound of their synthesizers and harmonies with just enough edgy melancholy to cut the sweetness.

The band has toured the U.S., Europe and Japan, and played a concert in Paris at Lynch’s retrospective exhibition, performing on a stage that was a recreation of the set from his movie, “Eraserhead”. “I’m drawn to the melancholy in Au Revoir Simone’s songs, but it’s a joyous melancholy,” Lynch told The Telegraph in a joint interview with the girl group.

While the band was in Vienna,the cinematographers and music lovers at They Shoot Music Don’t They (TSMDT) had them take time out for a backstage video shoot. They performed “Somebody Who” from their most recent album, “Move In Spectrums”, and TSMDT captured the spare, soothing performance with its hypnotic drum machine and enchanting keyboards.

The video was produced with the help of AKG microphones and headphones. TSMDT’s preferred microphone is the AKG C214, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone designed to deliver detailed recording of lead vocals and solo instruments – the ideal microphone for Au Revoir Simone’s vocals. For monitoring, the group turns to the AKG K271 MKII headphones.They combine the comfort of an over-the-ear design and the benefits of closed-back technology for the best possible sound reproduction. The sealed design ensures low signal bleeding into microphones in the studio and maximum isolation for live mixing applications. And for video work, TSMDT’s filmmaker’s rely on the AKG PR4500 ENG wireless camera receiver that combines the outstanding audio quality for which AKG is known with exceptional ease-of-use thanks to an automatic setup function and scanning of the radio frequency environment.

In his Telegraph interview, David Lynch summed up his enthusiasm for the band: “…the way Au Revoir Simone sing and use their synthesizers is really magical to me.” For the creative pop culture enthusiasts at They Shoot Music, AKG played a critical role in capturing that magic.


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