Carlos relies on AKG wireless and wired microphones


Carlos Elizalde

High Intensity Performer.

No one will ever accuse percussionist/singer/songwriter Carlos Elizalde of standing still. To call him an energetic performer is an understatement. When performing with Ruckatán, the seven-piece Latin, reggae and world music band he founded, San Francisco-based Carlos combines singing and high-energy percussion playing with nonstop dancing. He’s a man who can’t be tied down, so he shuns cords and relies on AKG wireless microphone technology for the freedom and performance it provides.


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    " They’re amazing, and I love how transparent they sound, reproducing the recordings perfectly.”
    » Steve Pageot

    Steve Pageot works with the C414 XLII, the K240 MKII's and more

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Liu trusts the AKG DHT700 D5


Liu Huan

Pop Star Professor.

Some say that teaching is a refuge for those who can’t cut it in the “real” world. Apparently Chinese pop singer Liu Huan didn’t get the memo. The iconic Chinese pop singer, who trusts AKG microphones for his live performances, is also a popular professor who teaches the history of Western music at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.



Life Ball Vienna 2015 powered by AKG

Gold-Drenched Fantasy for Charity

on 03th June 2015

For one day this spring, Vienna was transformed into a gold-drenched fantasy world as the city hosted the 23rd annual Life Ball, Europe’s biggest AIDS charity event. As thousands of celebrities, models, musicians and revelers took over City Hall Square to raise awareness for the cause, AKG provided stunning audio to complement the jaw-dropping visuals.


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    "If you're feeling emotional when you're creating something, it'll sound that way."
    » Steve Vai

    Steve Vai with AKG D40 dynamic microphone, WMS4500 D7 wireless microphone, C214 condeser microphone, D12 dynamic bass microphone

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condenser microphone
Steve Pageot works with the C414 XLII, the K240 MKII's and more


Steve Pageot

A passionate producer.

Legendary producer Steve Pageot picked up his first AKG recording microphone at the age of 19, from where he ambitiously combined his engineering skills with a passion for music, leading to an esteemed career in music production. Inspired by electronic engineering magazines, he taught himself how to mix and record songs three years later. Today, he uses several AKG microphones and headphones that have seen him through countless studio sessions.


What Hi-Fi? Renders Judgment

on 2nd December 2014

The hard-core, golden-eared critics at What Hi-Fi? recently put the AKG K812 headphones through their paces to see how they measure up. The verdict? Five out of five stars – the highest possible rating!



Stockholm University going digital

on 9th Oct 2014

Universities are often a juxtaposition of the new and the old, the traditional and the groundbreaking. Tweedy grey-bearded professors working alongside tech-savvy hipsters. Ivy-covered walls leading to glass and steel additions. But one area where a 21st century university can’t be traditional is its technology. That’s why Stockholm University turned to AKG when it was time to upgrade the technology in its lecture halls.


Soulmate rely on the WMS40 Mini



Feeling the blues.

Posted on 07th October 2014

Anyone could be excused for doing a double take upon hearing about an Indian blues band. Isn’t India the land of sitars, tablas and the outrageously upbeat pop of Bollywood? Indeed, it is. But the country’s thriving music scene also includes dozens of rock, blues and heavy metal bands, and among the hottest is AKG supporter Soulmate, an Indian blues band that has performed worldwide.


Jose J. Cortijo with the C414 XLS


Jose J. Cortijo

Percussion Perfectionist

Posted on 26th August 2014

Musician, tutor, composer, author – percussionist Jose Cortijo is immersed in the world of percussion, performing with world-renowned artists, recording, teaching, writing and always inspiring. Intimately familiar with the many instruments he plays, Jose works with the AKG C414 XLS for one simple reason – it faithfully delivers the sound he expects to hear.




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